Why Do You Need A Personal Protection and Safety Plan?

In these times, it is critically important that we take personal responsibility for our own protection and for the protection of our families and loved ones! Although law enforcement would like to protect you, recent events demonstrate that they cannot be everywhere they need to be, every time Bad Guys decide they want to take your stuff or do you harm.

When seconds count, the police are, at least, minutes away! The Not A Soft Target™ Personal Protection Program will transform you from being a typical, unaware individual, to being able to demonstrate to the Bad Guys that you are prepared and NOT A SOFT TARGET! Criminals overwhelming choose to strike Soft TargetsView Course Outline

Not A Soft Target™ Personal Protection Training Program

Personal Protection Program bulletpoint  A 4-hour personal protection and family safety course, which provides practical information and understanding of criminal thinking and behaviors.

women's self defense class bulletpoint  Teaches practical methods to avoid dangerous situations and non-lethal methods to protect you and your family, both inside and outside of the home.

non lethal defense class bulletpoint  Utilizing the most comprehensive tools and strategies to be proactive and take responsibility for your own personal protection, and your families safety.

personal safety training bulletpoint  Topics include: how to fortify your home, safety strategies while outside the home, at the workplace, at school, plus carjacking prevention strategies.

home defense training course bulletpoint  Teaches Identity Theft Prevention strategies, the use of Personal Protection Devices such as pepper spray and stun guns, and much more! 

bulletpoint  Appropriate for all adults. Whether you are a homemaker, businessperson, or any other hardworking American, we can help you develop a Personal Protection and Safety Plan.

Attendees do not participate in any physical self defense techniques during the class. This is “Watch, Listen and Learn” only!

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